Anne Selby specialises in the possibilities of multi-layering of silk before pleating using Arashi Shibori techniques. Multi-layering allows for warmth and a gentle weight in each Anne Selby product, and a visual impact that is reminiscent of many natural forms as the layers move with the wearer.

Concertina Collection 
All pieces in the Concertina range have layers of different silks pleated together with silk organza supporting the pleats. They expand and contract as they are worn, to reveal subtle dye variations in the layers of silk. Only when worn can their dramatic effect combined with their femininity be fully appreciated.
Concertina stoles and scarves have six layers of silk and silk organza. Their resting size ranges from 80cms to 100cms in length and 27cms wide (stoles),12cms wide (scarves).

Fibonacci Collection.

All pieces in this collection have a central core around which feathery pleats fall in a spiral shape. Glamorous, elegant and sensual, the boas and necklaces will make any outfit, day or evening, feel very special. 
Fibonacci boas can have  four,  six or sometimes eight layers of silk and are between 8 to 10 cms. wide, 100 to 130 cms. long. Commissions outside this size range are available on request.

Ruffle Collection.

The Concertina Ruffle Collection also expands and contracts when worn. However, it is made of organza silks, and edged to create a dramatic floral effect.